Steal Away - A Mobile Multiplayer Game

Steal, hide, use the shadows OR search, find, catch the bastard! Do anything to get rich, or get caught trying! Steal Away is a 3 vs 1 stealth game for thieves and guards alike! Team up and expose your friend as the thief he is, or sneak around and rob your friends blind! Steal Away is a four player mobile game designed for social play. The game follows a three versus one pattern, over four rounds, where one player stands as victor. Three players play as guards who has to patrol the level, and ultimately catch the fourth player, who plays as a thief. The role of the thief is to steal as much as possible, either before the time runs out, or before getting caught by a guard. The game was made in my 4th Semester when I went to Denmark as an exchange student to study at the ITU København in which i took a class called Game Development. In this class we had to create a video game with the goal to publish it at the end of the semester. Also we made an awesome trailer for the release which you can watch below.
Artwork by Itai Thomas Yavin. Coding by Morten Drescher Salling and Mathias Zillo Christiansen. Game World Design by Asbjørn Steffensen and Maximilian Hatzl. All rights belonging to Cold Coin Productions.