After getting invited for breakfast the day before, I started my day in the Hotel next to me. I got smoked salmon, six different kinds of cheese, lamb and probably the best coffee I had in my life. Maybe it was the water, maybe just the fact that I was living on instant coffee for the last few months. Awesome way to start a day. Also I took some little extra with me to survive the day. I thanked Sonja for everything and then went for a very nice hike on the main Island Streymoy, which my kayak tutor recommended for me the day before. The weather was sunny again and it was the first time I saw other people while hiking. The hike itself is actually very famous and known for ages. Back in the days the people from Tjørnuvík did not have a church in town, so they had to carry the coffins of their departed over the mountain pass to the next city named Saksun. I arrived there and made my way the valley to reach the ocean. I asked people on the place if they can carry me away from here, somehow you have to get back on the road again and this place was kind of lost. I got picked up by a very lovely danish/faroese family. They said they still want to see some places around, but asked me if I want to join them. I happily agreed and they took me with them the whole afternoon, visiting the biggest waterfall on the islands and the Risin og Kellingin, which is the old saga of the Giant and the Witch, who tried to rope together the Faroe Islands to Iceland.