On this sunny day in Oulu I watched a local Kite-Surfing tournament where they also had free kayaks and stand up paddling. I really enjoyed the whole day being lazy in the sun. In the evening when Lasse came back from work, we met again with Julia and some other friends from the city at a Hip Hop concert where one of Lasses’ friends ordered a bottle of champagne for us. „Sometimes you have to enjoy the easy life!“ he said as he poured us in more. Funny thoughts when you realise they all came together and met just because a random couch surfer from Austria showed up and wanted to see the finish (night) life. We had some beers at the harbour again and danced to both, Finish and Austrian folk songs. Later we for Karaoke and it turned out you have to wait at least 40 minutes in line. The time went by too fast and we ended up drinking beer in the sauna at 6 am. Of course every flat has its very own. Finland you’re crazy!