You know you've been north when you travel south for four days and then pass the polar circle. Maja and Sebastian went south in Finland, but my plan was to go north again to Rovaniemi, so shortly after the border we had to say goodbye. It was at the Santa Clause village: Hometown of Santa Clause, where it is Christmas 365 days a year where Elves greet you with a high pitched voice and lifting their hat, doing breakdance and flips and mess around your hair if you don't laugh enough. I don’t know how I ended up there, but being in a Christmas theme park in July is indeed very fucking strange. They had ice sculptures, a small train and everything you can imagine. I even took the elf class there and got a diploma! After that experience I could have missed I went to the city itself where I stayed at a Couch Surfing host again. Finally I was able to do my laundry again.