Because the weather finally changed to being sunny after two weeks, I left very early again with a plan to rent a kayak for a day. It was quite challenging and took some time getting around hitchhiking, but the third kayak rental I asked was crazy enough to first rent ma a kayak over night out of their opening time, to me alone and to me without a license or much experience! The kayak instructor was not to sure about it and said it's much of a risk if I’ll go out there alone, after I failed his theoretical task, but completely mastered his practical, telling me stories about the people that already died on the Lofoten. On the other hand he said, that he doesn't want to destroy my adventure. That got me and luckily I went out there in the blue. Never in my life I felt that free and impressed at the same time. I’ve been out in the ocean till 1 am and watched the sun set at the horizon, barely touching it before rising up once again.