I stood beside the street in the rain and in the distance a white VW van showed up and came closer. I made a bet with myself that it will stop and won. In the van named Vera there was a cute Norwegian girl called Thea. She was driving the same way as me: North. For this day she actually had planed to visit a friend of hers, who was living with her family in a cabin in a fjord. I literally knew her for 20 minutes, but she really took me with her. I showed up and introduced myself as the random guy from Austria who just got picked up on the street. Luckily, I was more than welcome! We got good food, a place to sleep and very good company. After going out for a walk with the dog, who was actually more like a wolf, we ended the day waving the Norwegian flag to ships passing by until they pressed the horn and listen to the echo in the fjord, playing board games with the kids until they were asleep and fishing at midnight in the sun, where eagles flew over our heads and even a fucking whale passed by, chewing on dry fish and Snus. Of course I got the biggest one! Which travel agency can get you that? Norway you fucking got me.