All way up! The next day we woke up early in the morning to rise out chances for a lift and not lose much time. It worked out. Very fucking well! First an empty tour bus stopped for us, free seats all over the place. Afterwards who said he is driving to Trondheim gave us a lift. No fucking way! For your information thats about an eight hour lift he could give me in one. I decided to say goodbye to my jacket in Oslo and just take the chance to catch up some time (Luckily my CS host sent it home to Austria later). The weather finally changed to sunny again and Norway showed his real beauty. My lift told me about stories from the navy in Bergen, we stopped for burgers and pictures and sang to movie soundtracks together. Hitchhiking really got me since then! I arrived in Trondheim in the evening and tried to get out of town, to set up my tent for the night. A lesbian couple picked me up on the way there and invited me for coffee and a shower. I must have smelled terrible. They also showed me around Trondheim and brought me to a second hand store , where I got a rain jacket for not much money. What a day!