I had my flight to my first destination, the Faroe Islands, on the 30th of June at 5 am in the morning. After saying goodbye to Copenhagen and arriving pretty early and tried, the weather changed from being typical cloudy and rainy, to a clear blue sky and the islands welcomed me with a stunning view that I have never seen before! The picture was taken on Mykines, the so called Bird-Island. You should see the lighthouse at the end of the path and the seagull lairs on the northern cliffs. Millions of Puffins were flying above my head and I fell in love instantly with the cute, dorky little creatures. After hiking to the westernmost point of Faroe, gathering some sleep in the sun, hiking back, taking the ferry to one of the main Islands and hitchhiking to the capital Tórshavn, including pushing a car until the engine started again, I found myself again in the Hostel, questioning myself if that day wasn’t just a dream and what the hell I am actually doing here…I even got a sunburn. On the fucking rainy Faroe Islands.